CBD Hemp Face Serum For Natural Skin Care


CBD contains compounds including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and omega fatty acids. These compounds have been shown to heal and hydrate skin for improved look and feel.

If you are seeking a natural alternative for your skincare regimen, our line of hemp face serum, salves, and moisturizers are an ideal choice. Browse & order online now!

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The CBD in our health and beauty products is extracted from organically grown hemp plants, and combined with other natural and organic ingredients for products you can feel good about using on your skin.

Hydrate & Regain Youthful Skin With Hemp Face Serum Online

Browse our website for a variety of hemp topicals and beauty products including hemp face serum, facial and body moisturizer, and CBD salves. Our skincare products are packed with natural and organic ingredients and plant extracts that help to hydrate skin and reduce inflammation.

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About Hemp Skincare Products from Eco Health Source:

  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Provide hydration and moisture
  • Our hemp face serum is designed to repair skin at the cellular level
  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, or preservatives
  • Can be easily incorporated into any skincare routine
  • Easy to apply and can be used as needed

All of our topical skincare products have been tested to ensure quality and maintain purity and potency. Each of our CBD products contains hemp oil extracted from organically grown hemp using a CO2 extraction method, considered the cleanest process for oil extraction.

We encourage you to read our FAQs page to learn more about CBD, hemp, and our products.

For any other questions or regarding the status of your order, you are welcome to email info@ecohealthsource.com
or call us at (802) 865-0299.

Nourish & Repair Skin With Hemp Face Serum

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